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Free Yourself From Perfection

Harmony Walton on freeing yourself from perfection. 

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The Overton Window And 2020

The Overton Window is an interesting – and timely – idea. It defines the acceptable limits of public discourse. For example, in an election campaign like the one already picking up momentum for 2020, politicians will be pushed – so the theory goes – to stay within Overton’s “window,” the permissible domain of conversation. Ideas…

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Christmas Gifts: Past And Present

In this most consumption-drenched season of all – what the west and, particularly, America – has made of a day commemorating the birth of Christ, it may not be too terrible a crime to remember some of those little gifts that have a way of lingering in the mind long after the day itself and…

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Musings: The World May Be More Than It Seems To Be

(I will be posting some speculative pieces over the next few months. They’ll be titled “Musings” to set them apart from my other posts. Hope you enjoy!) One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to step outside of their normal frame of reference. We get used to seeing the world the way…

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