May 9, 2018

Strengthen Your Leadership

Strengthen Your Leadership

Leaders of all levels and walks of life engage with Jeff Campbell to better themselves and their organizations. Approachable and insightful, Jeff offers his expertise through several outlets including mentorship, coaching, speaking and facilitation.

“I really feel like he understands what leaders are going through. He’s empathetic, but he’s also learning with me, so he never makes me feel like I’m just a kid and he knows everything. He makes me feel like I’m valued. He makes me feel confident and I’m very grateful to have had him for this journey.” – Jackie Reed, President TS Restaurants


Mentorship & Coaching

Jeff has been mentoring emerging leaders since his earliest days in the corporate world, and oversees a leadership-driven master’s program at San Diego State University. Under JJC Coaching, he carefully selects mentees who have a high drive to succeed, sharing his insight on every aspect of being a leader and bringing them into his professional network.

“Probably one of the greatest assets that Jeff’s been to me, is his willingness to connect me to people. As a former business executive, with integrity and a storied career, his rolodex is very broad, and there always seems to be somebody he knows, that I need to know, that helps me extend the mission that I’m on.” – Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO Crowdhub & Wisdom Capture

JJC Coaching is not the typical superior-to-grasshopper mentorship program. Jeff believes mentorship is a two-way street leading both the mentor and mentee to new perspectives. His coaching is best described as symbiotic, and he is known throughout San Diego and beyond as a connector of people, ideas and opportunities.

Speaking & Facilitation

Intellectually stimulated every single day, Jeff enjoys sharing his takeaways from countless books and articles on everything from business to history to personal wellbeing. He is a frequent speaker in the San Diego area, and makes himself available to organizations of all types and sizes. He also facilitates board meetings, panels and workshops on various topics, including:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Staying Relevant
  • Building A Learning Organization
  • Leadership
  • & More